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Otsuka Koi Farm

Otsuka Koi Farm is run by Yoshikazu Otsuka and is another farm producing a wide range of varieties and always looking to produce unusual varieties. These include Go Sanke, D/Sanke, D/Kohaku, Budo Goromo, Goshiki, Asagi, Akamatsuba, Shusui, Kujaku, Chagoi, GR/Chagoi, Ochiba, Kigoi, Ki Utsuri and Kageshiro. Small Tosai from 7cm can be shipped and he also has good numbers of Nisai and Sansai.

Oya Koi Farm

Oya Koi Farm is now run by 2nd generation Taro and Masahito Kataoka. Originally known for their high quality Sanke over the last few years they have excelled in producing some of the very best Asagi in all Japan. They don't have large quantities of Sanke or Asagi Tosai but the quality is high as [...]

Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm

Ikarashi Koi Farm based in Ozumi is now headed by Hidetoshi Ikarashi and his Uncle Kazuhiko Ikarashi they produce a unique range of koi which includes Benikikokuryu, Ochiba, Chagoi, GR Asagi, Goshiki, Koromo, Kujaku, Hariwake, Yamabuki, Kawarimono. They have large numbers of Tosai and offer a great selection of Nisai and Sansai.

Sakamaki Koi Farm

Sakamaki Koi Farm is one of the smaller koi breeder we use but he always produces nice koi. His varieties include Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Kin Showa , Goshiki and a few Ochiba. Sensibly priced for a good quality mix.

Sakazume Koi Farm

Sakazume Koi farm is headed and run by Shinsaku Sakazume . He produces Kohaku, Sanke and Showa plus quality Aigoromo.

Sekiguchi Koi Farm

Sekiguchi Koi Farm is based in Shiozawa and is now run by the third generation koi breeder Masayuki Sekiguchi. Over the last twenty years they have become world renowned for producing high quality Showa. They also produce unique Pearl Gin Rin Scale varieties which include Pearl GR Sanke, Pearl GR Kohaku and Pearl GR Benigoi.

Shinoda Koi Farm

Shinoda Koi Farm is now run by Katsunori Shinoda. JKX have been buying and exporting koi from the Shinoda family for over 30 years. They are well known for their Go Sanke Doistu varieties and Showa and GR/Showa and also their Hi Utsuri. Every season their Tosai are very popular and sell out quickly. They also have a large selection of Nisai and Sansai in the Spring and Autumn. Their Jumbo Hi Utsuri are great to show our customers. So if your looking for quality koi in these varieties then Shinoda Koi Farm is the place to visit.

Shintaro Koi Farm

Shintaro Koi Farm is run by Masaru Saito. His quality of Go Sanke is renowned around the world. We first started selling his koi in 1994 and for over 22 years we are still pleased to be able to offer his high quality Tosai during the season. No buying trip is complete with going to see his Nisai and Sansai koi.

Tanaka Koi Farm

Tanaka Koi Farm is new to our list. He produces lovely quality Kujaku, Kinshowa, Hariwake, GR Hariwake, Shusui, Showa, GR Showa.

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