Shinoda Koi Farm is now run by Katsunori Shinoda. JKX have been buying and exporting koi from the Shinoda family for over 30 years. They are well known for their Go Sanke Doistu varieties and Showa and GR Showa and also their Hi Utsuri. Every season their Tosai are very popular and sell out quickly. They also have a large selection of Nisai and Sansai in the Spring and Autumn. Their Jumbo Hi Utsuri are great to show our customers. So if your looking for quality koi in these varieties then Shinoda Koi Farm is the place to visit.


Picture Name Quantity Size Status Listing
SHI-01 SHI-01 70 12-15cm Available
SHI-02 SHI-02 50 15-18cm Available