Miyatora Koi Farm has been producing koi for over 100 years, now run by Katsunori Miya they produce Go Sanke, GR Go Sanke, D Go Sanke, Kujaku, D Kujaku, Shusui, Beni Kikokuryu. Their koi are extremely popular and very good quality. His Tosai consol fish we offer go quickly and he also offers very high quality Nisai and Sansai. Very popular with our customers on our buying trips throughout the year.


Picture Name Quantity Size Status Listing
MIT-01 MIT-01 80 11-13cm Available
MIT-02 MIT-02 60 14-16cm Available
MIT-03 MIT-03 40 17-20cm Available
MIT-04 MIT-04 60 14-16cm Available