Marudo Koi Farm is run by Hisashi Hirasawa and his son Toshihiro. They are another large farm that produces Go Sanke, Asagi, Chagoi , Karashigoi, Gin Matsuba and other Hikarimono varieties. All standards of koi are catered for and one of the few farms where 1 metre koi can be bought.


Picture Name Quantity Size Status Listing
MRD-01 MRD-01 70 12-15cm Available
MRD-02 MRD-02 70 13-15cm Available
MRD-03 MRD-03 70 13-15cm Available
MRD-04 MRD-04 100 10-12cm Available
MRD-05 MRD-05 100 10-12cm Available
MRD-06 MRD-06 100 10-12cm Available
MRD-08 MRD-08 50 13-15cm Available
MRD-09 MRD-09 70 12-15cm Available