Kaneko Koi Farm was founded in the 1960’s by Komei Kaneko and is now run by his son Yasuaki Kaneko. Over the last 50 years thay have become well known for producing high quality Kujaku and Shiro Utsuri. They also breed Beni Kikokuryu and Hikarimono varieties. They have high quality Tosai and always Nisai and Sansai. They are very popular on our buying trips.


Picture Name Quantity Size Status Listing
KNK-01 KNK-01 100 10-12cm Available
KNK-02 KNK-02 70 13-14cm Available
KNK-03 KNK-03 100 10-12cm Available
KNK-04 KNK-04 70 13-14cm Available
KNK-05 KNK-05 70 13-14cm Available