Welcome to exclusivejapanesekoi.com which is part of Japan Koi Export’s group. This site promotes and sells koi from all the leading breeders here in Niigata.

The Koi on display comes directly from the breeders and are exclusive to you, our customer.

Japan Koi Export (JKX) is based in Ojiya, Niigata, the homeland of koi, 365 days a year. Our close relationship with the breeders is unique and benefits our customers who are looking to get the very best Koi at the very best price.

The Koi on offer range from show koi, high quality koi to our Koi listed on our Spring console price list, which covers over 30 breeders here. This interactive site will offer new Koi on a weekly basis, if not daily, so whether you are a Koi wholesaler, dealer or a Koi hobbyist anywhere around the world, then we feel that this site will benefit you.

Martin Symonds of JKX has been at the forefront of promoting and selling koi from Niigata for 38 years, and has lived in Mushigame and Ojiya during this time, whilst René Villela of JKX lives all year round in Ojiya.

We hope this site brings you, the Koi enthusiast, closer to the breeders here, whilst at the same time enabling you to purchase some of their best Koi throughout the year.

Watch our JKX promotional video, filmed in May 2019.


Our unique Koi Buying Trips start from February until June and then from October until December each year.

These personal bespoke trips are catered for your requirements.


Koi Masterclasses started back in 2000 and are held with the leading breeders here in Niigata during the Autumn.


Dear Martin and René 

I would just like to thank you both, for such an absolute Stonker, of a week on the Koi Masterclass. My senses have been stretched to their absolute limits, with the superb Classes, & the access you provided for us to more fully appreciate, our beloved Koi.
The standard of Koi viewed, were beyond my wildest dreams, I ran out of superlatives trying to explain what I was seeing!
Yes the breeders take the credit for their very hard work, but you guys, with your ability to access the breeders, on the level we were allowed, shows the trust & friendship, you have strived for over many years. It is blatantly obvious to anyone your access & planning gave me at least, an experience that was, more than I could have wished for!
There were times I was speechless, other times I was overcome with the scenery & photo shoot opportunities.
I will not forget this trip EVER !!

All the best

Albert Flynn

For more information about our next Koi Masterclass or any other services which JKX may be able to offer you then please get in touch.


This site is dedicated to the leading koi farms here in Niigata. This easy to use format will allow each breeder to have their own page, providing you, the user, information about their farm and koi they can offer.

As we are based here 365 days a year, working side by side with the breeders, we will be able to offer new koi on a weekly, if not daily basis at the very best price.

Quality photos and video clips will be available to view on this website, so if you cannot join us here in Japan on one of our unique buying trips then this is the next best thing, bringing you closer to some of the best koi here in Niigata.

We hope you will find this website highly informative and we hope it allows you to find that special koi you are looking for.


One of the most exciting aspects of this site will be the ability to select high quality koi from the breeders and offer them instantly to our customers around the world.

Here at JKX we work with the breeders on a daily basis and our long business and personal relationship with them allows us access to their high quality koi throughout the year offering them to you at the very best price.

These koi will be available to be kept in Japan and grown by the breeder or they can be shipped to most destinations worldwide.

At JKX we have been supplying high quality koi for over 35 years from Niigata. For koi prices, keeping charges in Japan or shipment costs please get in touch and we can provide prices and the information about the koi you are interested in.


At the beginning of every year we visit the breeders and collate our Spring consol price list for their Tosai and Nisai which we can offer our distributors, wholesalers and dealers from around the world.

This website displays all the koi we offer from the breeders, providing information about the koi along with pictures and video clips. New offers are made throughout the season and all these offers can be viewed via here.

We are always looking for new destinations that we can supply the breeders koi too, so if you would like to be part of our worldwide network then we look forward to hearing from you.

All consol shipments come with the necessary health certification and we work closely with the breeders to bring you the very best koi.

We feel our long association with the breeders will benefit you, the customer.